Hands Up For Meadowbank!

Volunteer to make history in Dorking’s new stadium

Posted: 4th September 2017

Dorking Wanderers is on the lookout for local people to join the club as match day volunteers ahead of moving to the new Meadowbank stadium in November.


Wanderers will be based at the new state of the art ground, running the main clubhouse building, and wants local people to get involved to make sure everyone who visits Dorking and its new town centre venue gets the best possible welcome.


Alongside Dorking Wanderers, the stadium will also be used each week by more than a thousand young people from the area’s youth football clubs, as well as local workplaces, other adults looking to play sport and elderly people exercising


Dorking Wanderers Vice Chairman Jeremy Pain says, “Meadowbank is about far more than just one football club. It’s going to bring thousands of people into the town centre each week and give the High Street a real boost.


“It’s a stadium that’s been built by the town, and will be run for the benefit of the town. So, naturally, we want the whole town to get involved.”


Despite rising to the third tier of non-League football this season, Dorking Wanderers is still run by local volunteers, and now it's looking to expand that volunteer base with a new Meadowbank Matchday Team.


The club wants to hear from people who are willing to give just a small amount of spare time at the new ground, welcoming visitors and making sure matches run smoothly - stewarding, helping with car parks, taking tickets in turnstiles, or assisting generally around the ground. The amount of time and commitment required is entirely flexible, with the hours and frequency of roles able to be tailored to suit each person willing to get involved.


Jeremy Pain says, “The Matchday Team is perfect for anyone who has a couple of hours to spare every now and then - maybe people who have retired, parents whose children are going off to university, or anyone who’s moved into the area and wants to meet people. It would also be perfect for football-loving teenagers who need to do a bit of community volunteering for an award scheme.”


As well as becoming part of a community-run, family-friendly club and forming new local friendships, people who volunteer for Dorking Wanderers will also be given free entry to all games,  club clothing and complementary food and drink to enjoy while watching a good standard of football in the new stadium surroundings.


Jeremy Pain points out that it’s also a chance to be part of a team making local history.


He says, “When the original Meadowbank stadium opened in 1953, it was a new destination for the whole of the town. Talk to anyone who was there all those years ago and they still recall it as the pride of Dorking and remember the people and the characters of the time.


“The new community stadium in the same iconic location, alongside the refurbished park, is undoubtedly going to be a focal point and the pride of the town once again. So now really is the chance to be part of the history we’re making for the next generation.”


Anyone interested in volunteering for the Meadowbank Matchday Team is asked to email their contact details as soon as possible to info@dorkingwanderers.com, and a member of the club will get back in touch.


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