Press and Media Accreditation

Please email our Media Manager, Alfie Gates at for any media enquiries.



Match Accreditation - In advance

1.1  All media accreditation requests for first team matches at The Meadowbank  Stadium must be submitted via email to our Media Manager,  at no later than 48 hours prior to the fixture.


1.2  All photographers applying to attend National League fixtures at The  Meadowbank Stadium will need to ensure they have a valid National League  Photographic Licence.


1.3  Written and broadcast media requests will only be approved for genuine media  outlets


1.4  All media passes will be issued at the Club's discretion.


1.5  All applications will be replied to no less than 24 hours before the fixture with  confirmation or rejection of the application.


1.6 Please note that there is restricted parking at the stadium itself, however, there are  numerous car parks within a short walk. Please click here to view the Guide to  parking on Matchdays


1.7  As detailed in the Clubs ground regulations, the filming or taking of photographs  within The Meadowbank Stadium on a matchday is permitted only to holders of the  relevant media pass and any persons found without will be ejected from the  stadium.



Match Accreditation - On Matchday


2.1  All passes must be collected from the sign-posted Media Entrance at least 30  minutes prior to the game commencing.


2.2  Accredited media personnel will be required to sign the attendance sheet  before they will be given a match pass which will enable them to gain admission to  The Meadowbank  Stadium via the Media Entrance situated next to the collection  point.


2.3  All press passes must be displayed at all times and must be presented to stewards  when requested.


2.4  Photographers should bring with them a hi-vis fluorescent bib which must be  worn pitchside at all times. We do not allow access within 10 metres of the dugouts  or the dugouts themselves.


2.5  There are limited seats available for written and radio media in the Stonegate Stand  at the Stadium. Please ask for Alfie gates to be shown to the Press area.


2.6  Matchday programmes will be available at the Media Entrance on arrival for all  accredited media.


2.7  Official team sheets will be issued to written and radio media in the Press Box  and distributed to the photographers pitch side around 30 minutes prior to  kick-off.


2.8  The Press Box does have Wi-Fi access, however, we do recommend bringing a  dongle or your own My-Fi. Unfortunately, power sockets are not available.


2.9  Access to the tunnel area at The Meadowbank Stadium is strictly prohibited without  express permission and accreditation from the Media Department. Any member of  the press found in the tunnel area without the correct identification and  accreditation may result in ejection from the stadium.


2.10  Following the game media interviews will take place pitchside with both club managers.

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